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Adam, Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:25 pm

Traveling from your home to the ship for the first time can be complicated. The Human Resources Recruiter and your Hiring Partner can walk you through this process However, it will be up to you to make all the necessary arrangements to make sure that you are at your ship on your sign-on date.

Airline Ticket
The Human Resources Recruiter or your Hiring Partner will tell you what you need to do to obtain your airline ticket. The cost of the airline ticket will be your cost In some cases, exception will apply please see your Human Resources Representative or Hiring Partner for more information.

For Hotel employees
When purchasing your airline ticket, you may use the services of your Hiring Partner He or she may charge you a fee for this as an additional service to you It is your choice if you use this service If you are required to join the ship within seven days of the initial employment offer, you may use the travel services provided by the company and have a ticket issued to you on credit You will be required to pay the company back within your first four pay periods.

For Marine employees
All travel will be made by Marine Workforce planning and scheduling.

Luggage Restrictions
Before leaving home, tag and mark your luggage properly with your full name and home address You should contact your agent for information on airline bag restrictions, such as: how many bags you can take, what are the weight requirements and acceptable items that can be taken on-board the flight.

* Space in your cabin is limited, therefore, it is strongly recommended to consider luggage which is collapsible and flexible such us: Duffle Bags, etc.

Ship Happens and then you go back home on vacation.

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atwbethany, Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:58 am


Crew travel arrangements. If you are a Royal Caribbean employee, are done for you. Employees are encouraged to have the MyRCL app on their phones in order to keep constant track of emails and travel arrangements prior to joining ship. If employees cannot, then their travel arrangements can be viewed by logging onto the website and entering their individual details to gain access to their arrangements.

It is said that when you first join the company, you are asked to provide payment for your flight out to join ship. Upon completion of your contract, Royal will then suffice the payment to get you home. Thereafter, each flight is paid and organised by the company for any future travel arrangements for you.

Prior to boarding your flight, you must have checked what Visas you are required in order to join your ship. The last thing you want is to fly half way across the world to be denied entry due to not having the correct visa. Please check and re-check this prior to flying. Your company should be able to help you organise the required Visas.

Your baggage is all included in your flights, but please be aware to check your limit before you fly. In some instances, I have even emailed the airline to check and even paid a little extra to have extra luggage. I have done this to avoid any airline cost when arriving at the airline. Some people are not as generous as others and you can end up paying a large amount of money for your overweight baggage.

Some airlines will except your 'Seamans book' as proof and allow you excess baggage through this. However it is encouraged not to rely on this fact. Your 'Seamans book' will be given to you during your first contract and shows that you work on board a vessel. Your captain should sign and stamp your book before you sign off after completing each contract.

If you have any problems with your arranged travel and need anything changing, you must email your company as soon as you can to have this changed. In regards to any travel emergencies, such as missing flights, missing baggage, delays etc. There will be a contact for you to reach out to and they will do their best to arrange alternative travel for you. You will not be stuck. So keep this contact available and they will be there 24/7 to assist in emergencies.

Once you have all your required information, you are ready to go. Refer to posts regarding - what to pack - to gain an idea of what is needed and then you are on your way!

Good luck.

Bethany .x.

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