My Top 5 Tips For On-Board Packing

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SJRD, Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:04 pm

Squeezing your life into a suitcase for 6 months can be a hard thing to even think about but hopefully this list of top 5 tips will help!

1. ALWAYS take uniform - Especially as a 'shoppie' you will be promised uniform will be ready and waiting when you step on-board but this is not always true. Make sure you pack the basics - a pair of black trousers/skirt, a white shirt/a black shirt, a suit jacket, a black tie and a white t-shirt/a black t-shirt. This might sound like it will take up a lot of your packing space but trust me it will come in useful!

2. You do not need to take towels or bedding - Both of these are provided by the ship.

3. Toiletries - Shampoo, Shower gel, Deodorant.. these all take up a lot of space and weight. I recommend taking sample sizes and hitting the nearest supermarket when you arrive in port.

4. Formal Wear - SOME ships expect their staff to dress for formal evening especially if they work in guest areas. I recommend taking at-least one formal dress or suit.

5. Research your ports before you leave - hot or cold weather? beach or city? Just pack the basics, anything you want to add to your collection or something you have forgotten can always be bought in port.

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atwbethany, Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:18 pm

I believe this list written by SJRD is very informative and should most definitely be considered when packing for ship. I wish I had been given this advice before I started on my first ship.

What I would do now is listen to the list above, but also add a few little extras of my own, personal, from home items. Such as my blanket, a teddy, photo, memorabilia from home etc. I know I sound like a 4 year old. But this really helped me, especially on home sick days. Taking pictures of my family and friends and a few magnets with me, allowed me to place them around my room from the get go. Meaning I felt a little more at home almost straight away.

I hope this helps!

Bethany .x.

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Adam, Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:51 pm

Packing to be away from home for a long time may seem like a big task, especially when we tell you to pack lightly Experienced employees will tell you that you won’t have a lot of cabin space, so bring only the essentials You’ll also be able to shop when you’re in port, so bring only enough items to get you through your first few weeks onboard.

Here are some items you’ll want to bring:

Jeans and/or long pants
Sweater/Parka (for cold itineraries)
Shorts and T-shirts
Dressy Casual Outfit
Tennis Shoes
Beach Shoes
Shoes in accordance with job & uniform and safety requirements

Toiletry Items
Deodorant and soap
Shaving cream
Feminine Products

Other Items
Travel Alarm Clock
Prescription Medications
Beach Towel
i-pod, MP3-player
Hair dryer
Ship Happens and then you go back home on vacation.

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