A day in the life of Photographer (Princess Cruises)

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Adam, Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:41 pm

Hi everyone. Here I am sitting on the open deck, watching the camera, the cameramen set up to shoot as we go through Panama Canal, so this is where I came to watch, I do not do anything, I sit at the pool, in uniform, watch the camera and cannot swim, what a punishment
So here I took a laptop and I wrote a couple of words about my impressions of photographer Princess Cruises.

I landed on the cruise ship Island Princess, unexpectedly, the manager came to me, he did not even know I was coming, cool start. Introduce me to the ship, show me where the Muster station, drive me through the ship, meet me with others and of course work. The gallery is located on deck 6, there are some 12-13 panels with pictures, 2 sales desks, and one video desk.
The photographer's team counts 11 members and we have 2 videographers ... I counted on average, and 7 hours per day, although the contract was signed at 13:00. I was lucky about the ship.
The manager makes a real schedule so that one team is taking a photo while the other is in the gallery and so we change each ball.
Currently on this cruise ship are circles 10 days, of which we have 2 sea days, 2 formal nights, all ports are left, Port Everglades, Ocho Rios (Jamajka), Puntarenas (Costa Rica), a wave of Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala), San Juan Del Sur (Nicaragua), Huatulco (Mexico) and at the end Acapulco (Mexico) ...
As you can see, we have a lot of gangways, namely 4, because 2 ports are going to tender…

Let's go, we work 2-3 hours, get one 250-300-350-400 pictures, everything depends on the gangway, then let's download the pictures, and after that, we are FREE, sometimes all day.
Last Puntarenas I worked just 2 hours all day, so it was extra, I could be out there how much, little shopping, little internet, a Chinese restaurant, whatever you like

Like every ship, the photograph attends the following events:
-Embarkation (painting passengers when they come to the ship)
-Gangway's (painting passengers when they go out to a port)
-Dining Room (single, couple, groups)
-Portraits (Casual and Formal)
-Open Deck (only when the boat is in Panama)
-Balconies (also just when the boat is in Panama)
-Chef's Table (a certain number of passengers who came on many times on a cruise take pictures with a kitchenette, that is, with the main chef)
-Lobster Dinner
-Campagne Waterfall (painting a waterfall made from a sampling house)
-Costumes (painting in costumes such as Pupils, Dancers, or the like)

We use the equipment:
D200 Nikon, 18-105 lens, we have SB 800 and SB 900, which is the west, the machines on which the pictures are parsed are Konica R1 and also Konica R2.
The equipment we work with, lighting, backgrounds, stands, orbits, everything is extra, new, it's easy to work and quick people get used to ...

The charge is slightly different than on the Carnival, the prices of pictures are a little bit more, it is still not working with BarCode, but here we expect the next round we will get at least some cites and new calendars, so it will be a lot easier.
Discounts ie DEALs are always there, for example, buy 3 formal night pictures get one for free, buy 2 embarkation pictures get an album for pajamas and similar ...

Of course almost every day there are appliances that sell, batteries, memory cards, purses, chargers and the like, and it can be sold who knows that it breaks a good story
When shooting, it is most important to look at exposure and cropping, because the images should be as easy as printing to the guys who are printing, and of course, the exposure is similar that they do not have to correct photos much so that they can work very quickly and efficiently.

Everything is done so that everyone will also find that print, when the time comes, each circus changes to the printer.
I am here now photo1, and finally the lowest level of the photographer, so I have to listen to everything that others say to me, I will not be afraid, I will progress if I show good, although it is difficult for the 1st contract .. It is important that you are on time at work, because the delay is not tolerated a lot, you will be forgiven twice, but you will not be the third time ... you know how the managers are, up to the evil of God
You have to be careful when it comes to having a photographer level 3-4 and so they like to order, so who wants to do this must have to deal with it, otherwise it will not succeed (I did not personally wear it Well, well, got a warning so I'm getting a little quiet now, I'm gonna get it in my blood ...)
I'm on trial for 42 days, if I'm good, if I show myself to lose, I fall for Bosnia, and I do not want anyone or even myself
For the last couple of days everything is ok, calm, I did not have screams and that is very important We'll see you through some 25 days will be with me, I'll stay or I'll get home.
Until then I will work as much as I can and enjoy as much as I can, whenever I can

If anyone is interested in asking someone something else, it is not easy to remember everything from one when it is written, so if anyone can help me, ask them
By the way, my salary is $ 1,200, there is a bonus, but it does not exceed $ 30-40.

Ship Happens and then you go back home on vacation.


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