Emergency Leaving (going home for emergency)

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alberto.gaitan, Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:33 pm

Sometimes life plays against us, and suddenly we get bad news to which we have to leave our work and travel as soon as possible home. I had lived a couple of cases in my time on board when some colleagues had to travel emergency in the event of an accident or fatal death of a family member. This is when the company does not cover anything against fatalities, and it is very cold to hear from them just how much the air ticket will cost to return to their countries. Currently, we should know what cruise companies cover or what they should do in these situations. I remember when one of the waiters had the sad news that his six-year-old daughter died spontaneously and we were in the middle of the high season in Naples, Italy. The air ticket cost him 1800 dollars. The first thing we did among all the restaurant staff was collecting money to pay that ticket. It was the moment when we realized that despite cultural differences, we could help ourselves in the face of misfortune. But should not be contemplated that companies cover the air cost in cases like this?

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