Avoiding the i95!

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atwbethany, Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:04 pm


So most of you may know what the ship lingo and different areas and code words, whereas some of you may not. Regarding this particular topic, I’m going to introduce you to the i95.

The i95 is quite frankly the main ‘runway’, ‘motorway’, ‘highway’ if you like, of the ship. It is used down on deck 1 or deck 2 as a straight corridor and gangway from one end of the ship to the other for the crew. It is used for transporting, lifting, carrying and on a daily basis for the quickest commute between the FWD and AFT part of the ship.

After a crew party, when you have had a few too many drinks and you are over the 1 drink legal ship allowance, it is advisable to not take this route home back to cabin. It is also advisable not to take a guest area route also. We suggest you use what the call the i94 on some ships. This is a route through the crew cabins that may take a little longer but will inevitably save your job as you avoid the ships security or seen to be intoxicated after a crew party. The same applies if your team mate or friend is also too drunk; that them this route home to avoid being seen.

You will become aware of the drinks policy and emergency procedure on board. Please don’t get caught over the limit and doing something extremely silly that could cost you your job.

Be careful, be considerate and be clever.

I hope this helps!

Bethany .x.



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