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SJRD, Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:54 pm

Alpha Alpha Alpha - Medical emergency onboard but what happens if YOU get sick onboard?

From my own personal experience the medical facility is a blessing. It is a running joke onboard that the medical staff treat anything and everything with a couple of paracetamol tablets :lol: however, unfortunately I’ve had to make use of the medical facility a few times during my contracts.
The medical centre provide anything from your basic seasickness pills, condoms to complex IV antibiotics.
During my second contract I started to suffer from heart palpitations and after numerous trips to the medical and numerous puzzled doctors as to what was causing them I was medically disembarked to see a heart specialist in Miami. They run a lot of tests, gave me the right medication and I was back onboard within a week.
Has anyone else had any experience with the medical facilities onboard??

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alberto.gaitan, Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:34 pm

Hi. I had two serious health problems in my 5 years on board. The first was scoliosis in the middle of my back where the doctors on board sent me to a clinic in Vancouver (Canada) to have X-rays taken and made a more accurate diagnosis. The second time, a bacteria came in through a wound on my face and caused a very large infection, so important was the fact that I had to be channeled into my arm to have antibiotics applied daily through the drip. The other minor diseases were treated with the magic pill .... (Ibuprofen)

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atwbethany, Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:54 pm


Whilst on board I have experienced a different variety of medical needs. Some, not as severe as others, however on board ship, there are no ‘pharmacy’ options. It is medical or nothing.

I have experienced dental treatment, broken fingers, sprained neck, tonsillitis, asinasitis, coughs, colds and migraines. All have been seen too by medical and we’re treated accordingly. I was sent ashore for my dental treatments and given the time to do so at no expense or trouble for my job role.

With regards to medical. If an injury has occurred whilst on board and whilst you were working, be prepared to be questioned and for statements to be written. They take his extremely seriously.

I have seen people sent home on medical as their condition cannot be treated on board or ashore. Also for some reason that is it a medical emergency that needs to be seen in the persons home country. I am aware that the medical expense was covered by the company.

In minor and extreme circumstances, do not be worried, the medical team will have your back and do their best to accommodate and fulfill their duty of care.

I hope this helps!

Bethany .x.

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