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admin, Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:23 am

Three written warnings and you are out of the cruise ship
Most of us have signed papelito (written warning) or disciplinary action when our performance is not up to company standards or we are caught breaking the rules.
Depending on the cruise line, a crewmember can get warning if she/he:
- Is late on duty several times
- Receive complaint from a guest (especially if the crew member is rude)
- Doesn’t follow supervisor’s rules.
- Bringing food into the cabin.
- Dirty crew cabin.
- Bringing alcohol in the cabin (some cruise lines allow others don’t)
- Opening the watertight doors without approval by the bridge
- And the list goes on

Have you ever received written warning and why? Share your story with us

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Adam, Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:25 am

I received my first warning during my first contract.
One night in the crew bar we had a party, drinking and having fun with some of my coworkers and my girlfriend. Later, me and my girlfriend ended up in her cabin and we stayed late and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up 30 minutes late for my duty. Quickly run to my cabin to put on my uniform and I can hear the phone ringing. Pick up the phone and it was my supervisor very upset telling me to come right away. He was trying to reach me 10 times while I was in my girlfriend cabin. That contract I was working as assistant cook at the crew mess line coming on late on duty means late opening of the line and this is big thing on a cruise ship.
Thankfully some of my colleagues help me in the preparation and it was Ok. Later I signed a written warning which I actually deserve it.
Ship Happens and then you go back home on vacation.

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alberto.gaitan, Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:46 pm

Thank God for my five years working never had a Warning, not even a Counseling Letter. I worked also doing paperwork for the Maitre D´and I was in charge to redact some"papelitos". Even that in some cases the issue was unfair, this happens to me when I was working in Midnight Buffet Team when I was Busboy. The following is what I wrote in my book "Not Welcome on board".

"One of Maitre D's assistants was in charge of supervising our work, with the help of the boss of the Midnight Buffet group. We had a (....) that sometimes he treated us well and at other times was very bad with us. I had a brave confrontation one night with him because he wanted to sanction me for something I had not done. The trays with which we came to offer the snacks were well decorated and were transported inside containers that kept them cold or hot. It was my turn to carry one of those wheeled containers from the central kitchen to the middle section of the ship through our service elevators to the ground floor and down our main corridor to the service elevator in the central part of the boat. As we left everything ready to start serving, many casino employees or the dancers who came to that area, were in the habit of taking out the snacks and by logic opened the metal doors of the container. Many times they moved the trays and made them fall on others and crush the food by destroying the decoration. One of those nights had fallen several trays, and this assistant of Maitre D' blamed me that I had run to carry the container not taking care of the food transported and for that reason, the trays had fallen. My refusal was resounding and began to tell me that the next day I was going to get a Warning for what happened. As I explained to him and he had seen several other times that other employees of the boat took the morsels, I told him that he would have to prove in front of the Human Resources Manager on board that it was me, and not other people. The discussion followed by the time we had to serve snacks. The next day he told me that since he could not prove that I had been the guilty could not sanction me. But if I did not say or discuss my innocence, I certainly got the punishment."
ADVISE: If somebody try to issue a Warning and you think is Unfair, bring the case to the Human Resources Manager or the person in charge of the Crew Welfare onboard.

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