What about your hair and nails?

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atwbethany, Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:36 pm


Okay, so we all have that question about where can we get our nails done whilst on board the ship?

Well, you can in fact have your hair cut and coloured within the spa onboard your ship. However, be prepared to of course know that, guests come first with appointments. You may find yourself with a late appointment or an appointment time that may be in the middle of a port day when the spa is less busy. Also be prepared to pay more than what you would pay off of the ship, even with a considerable amount of discount given to the crew. You are looking around $60-$100+ for cut and more for colour of the hair! Nails around $30-$40 (as an example). The prices on board are pretty expensive, however the service and etiquette of the spa is wonderful!

Off the ship, you can find your own places that you feel comfortable with that offer hair and nail appointments. Along with massages and more that you may want.

Depending on the ports you visit will depend on the prices and the quality that you can have. As women, I’m pretty sure we can judge the quality ourselves to see what we are comfortable with.

Always check with your supervisor, what colours you can have in your hair and on your nails, as some companies will have different policies and procedures regarding this.

I hope this helps!

Bethany .x.



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