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alberto.gaitan, Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:11 pm

After many years of telling my experience of being five years on board, people started to say me why I don´t write a book?
The idea was good, so I did it.
The title of it at the beginning was "Welcome onboard" because was the phrase that we repeat thousand times during embarkation day. But another book has the same title, so I thought the contrary fact, but not meaning that people are unwelcome, the crew is not welcome onboard because the bad treatment that we have.
I didn´t write it as revenge or trying to give a bad reputation to companies. The Cruise Industry is Wonderful, Could be Perfect but is something that they do and people need to know it because many human beings are affected emotionally and psychologically while others are enjoying.
Days ago, I was kicked out of a group on Facebook of crewmembers and former Crewmembers of one company because I was being accused of rancorous and trying to affect the reputation of a company. The persons who started to bullying me were former Staff and management, probably those who mistreated their subordinates and they are now trying to sweep and leave the dust under the carpet without anyone knowing. It was a surprise for me because it is assumed that if several crew members are mistreated on board, they can not hide this situation and pretend that all those who live on board to provide services have a spectacular life. A pity because they did not even read the book and they threw their furious missiles at me. But that helps me more to be known, speak good or bad is good.
It is not my intention to make an advertisement for you to buy it, but to introduce myself and that you know who is the one who was behind a computer typing 136 pages and that is now available worldwide. There are anecdotes from my five years as busboy and waiter to explanations of how the industry works, a small dictionary of the crew member and even a section with real comic stories of passengers.
If you have the chance to get it, enjoy it......


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