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Okay, so SOME jobs, not all; pay quite well. The need to earn what we call extra money is not needed. However, some jobs, do not pay as well, you may depends quite a lot on the tips you receive and therefore wish to earn extra money.

Or ... you wish to earn extra money, as while you are earning, you’re not spending, right?

Well on Royal Caribbean ships there is the opportunity to earn extra money through babysitting.
In order to do this, you must have background experience working with children of all ages (as you could have any age and up to 4 children at any time whilst babysitting) It is ideal, that you have changed a babies wet diaper, that you are first aid aware and that you understand the background of children’s needs, wants and behaviours. Special needs training is desirable as some parents wish to have babysitting for their child who may have special requirements.

You will go through a process and an interview with the Adventure Ocean Manager. This is the child’s department manager on board. Make sure they are free and it is a reasonable time and they will interview you with protocol questions that Royal have placed together. They will see you fit or unfit for the baby sitting position. My advice to you is five them any experience that you may have with children, every little helps.

If they see you fit, you must have your division heads approval. You will have their signature alongside Adventure Ocean Managers and then you are ready to go. Once you hand your form into the designated official to help with babysitting and organise sitters, you will be in the system and contacted for your availability.

Now; you must not break what is called your ILO. This is your maximum number of work hours vs rest hours in any 24 hour period.
Please check with your immediate supervisor this before you say you are available, as this is your responsibility to make sure you are having enough rest along with your working hours.

Babysitting was paid at a rate of $9 per hour and was giving as extra earnings at the end of the 2 weeks pay period.

You will work with at least one other person and there always has to be a female present whilst babysitting.

My partner and I signed up together, we earned quite a bit extra through our side job and were able to happily save a little more money.

I won’t tell you the horror stories either!

Ps - sometimes, the tips are good. Depending on who you have.

Hope this helps.

Bethany .x.



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