Lisbon Zoo, Portugal

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SJRD, Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:41 pm

There is no doubt about it, Lisbon is BEAUTIFUL. It is the capital and also the largest city in Portugal.

Whether it's sight-seeing or shopping, sun-bathing or singing - it can all be found in Lisbon, but I recommend visiting 'Jardim Zoologico'.

The zoo is situated a 15/20 minute taxi ride from the cruise terminal but is also within walking distance (less than 20 metres) of both Jardim Zoologico train station and Sete-Rios bus-stop.

Entry tickets cost €20.50 (EURO) for adult and €14.50 (EURO) for a child over 3 years - Tickets include access to almost all attractions and presentations including the cable car ride. The zoo opens at 10:00AM and closes at 18:00PM/20:00PM (depending on the time of year you visit) giving you all day to explore.

The zoo is split into sections which they refer to as 'travelling the world' - Each section explores many animals from many countries, showing different habitats and attractions. My favourite attraction was the giraffes however, the zoo has a lot to offer including presentation shows such as 'Dolphins Bay' and 'Free Flying Birds'.

Now, we've all been to a zoo where you stand around for a good 10 minutes or so trying to spot the animal.. it's hiding in the background or sleeping behind a tree..
Well, Lisbon Zoo have come up with a solution for this - The cable car - and it is something I definitely recommend!

The cable car ride takes you on a trip flying ABOVE the zoo for 20 minutes in order to look down on all the attractions and I have to admit you get some awesome views.
The cable cars entry is included in your ticket price.
The only major negative I have to mention is the cable cars aren't wheelchair or push chair accesible.

Just outside the zoo area you will find restaurants (including a McDonalds), a gift shop, photo stall, a customer service desk, first-aid station and an ATM (cash machine). There is also a picnic area with benches and toilet facilities.
* Remember to get your stamp if leaving the zoo for food or facilities so you can re-enter without charge.



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