Climbing positions with advantages.

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alberto.gaitan, Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:10 pm

I have seen several cases of people getting promotion in positions on the ship. The most common is "Paisano promotes Paisano". As I was the only one of my nationality on board, I could not have early promotion and I had to wait years while some of my managers considered their paisanos first. I have also seen people climb positions with very obvious situations. Once a very pretty young woman came to the boat. She started as a busgirl and worked on a side stand next to mine. I remember that I helped her a lot and gave her advice about work. She learned from her coach and from my help as well. Weeks later, the young lady began to have a relationship with a rank officer. From one day to the next, from being my colleague busgirl, she became almost my boss, because her lover made her ascend to a post with official rank. It is when you feel that effort or merit is not worth the influences and relationships that a person may have. A very large fault in the companies because they make a person with good performance begin to lose motivation and thus not take into account the good work in customer service. What cases do you know and has given you anger?

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